SDED Update: Things in the Works

There’s a lot going on now that the holiday season is upon us! So far, we have 3 brithday parties and a Christmas party already booked. Also, it’s time to get started on the Halloween costumes for the kids this year. Let’s talk about it. Continue reading


The Secret – Day 3

Day one, you write 10 things that you are grateful for right in the morning. You do this everyday.

Day two, at night, you pick one thing that was the best thing that happened that day, feel grateful for it, and say thanks for it.

Day three, pick the 3 closest people in your life. Take their picture and write 5 things that you are grateful for of them. Reference that paper at least 3 times today. Making sure to say, “Thank you, so & so.” So, here’s my reference paper: Continue reading

The Secret – Day 2

The first day was making a list of 10 things I’m grateful for right when I get up. Making the list is easy, it’s doing it as the first thing that I do that was the problem. I got 3 kids. I get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night. When I get up, especially on a school day, it’s nothing but a whirlwind of yelling and chaos. I’m lucky if I remember all my kids, let alone to take a moment and make a list of things to be grateful for. I am making more of an effort though. I put a special ‘gratitude notebook’ next to the bed for me to write my list in everyday. Although I’m exhausted, I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal to have time to make my list. This morning was the first time I did that and I got to tell you, those 15 minutes are NEEDED. It’s the difference between being exhausted and being a zombie… that’s just a fact. Day 2, is a little more…. odd. Continue reading

The Secret: Magic – Day 1

I read The Secret over and over and over again. I love the book but always have trouble in the practice of it. I get to the part where she says you have to act like you already have what it is you are asking for and I can’t wrap my brain around that. That’s one of the reasons why I keep reading it! One thing on my manifet list is to wear a size 7. How do I act like I’m a size 7? Do I buy size 7 clothes? If so, I’ll be naked FOREVER. Maybe that’s the plan, get me naked for ever and then I see what other people see and I will want to change that more than I already do… ANYWAY Continue reading

My Day as a SAHM

So, I have this friend. She’s one of the lucky ones: Never had to work. Married young. Adopted an adorable little boy. Has money out the wazoo. Not to mention she has never weighed more than 115 pounds and is gorgeous.

Today, I told her Fuck You. Continue reading

I COOKED: Chicken Breast

We eat a lot of chicken. They say it’s good for you…. but that’s not why we do. We eat a lot of chicken because beef is fucking expensive. Since I DON’T have the natural inclination to cook in any shape or form, when I find something that even I can cook (and it doesn’t come out like garbage) I want to share it with everybody. So here is my Baked Full Chicken Breast recipe!  Continue reading

Who I work-at-home for

One of the biggest issues with the transition from working to not working is the money. When I got fired, I got the unemployment. That got cut off and I was able to receive GR for just me. Well, that just ended. Trying to make ends meet when you don’t have a job isn’t as easy as it looks. We couldn’t afford to get gifts for the kids last year for Christmas. How humiliating that was to ask family and friends to not get us anything (we don’t need anything anyway) but to get things for the kids. It was humbling. And frankly I still feel like shit about it, 8 months later. So in January I started looking for a work-from-home job that 1. wasn’t a scam and 2. didn’t need me to talk to people.  Continue reading

I cooked! BBQ Chicken…

I don’t cook. Maybe that’s wrong. I can’t cook. Nope. Don’t have the ability. So, it’s always a fight (especially now that I work from home) with my BF about making dinner. He asks me to make dinner, I make it, he hates it, and then there’s an argument. I’m not sure exactly what my deal is because I can make a complete perfect Thanksgiving dinner, but I can’t heat soup. It’s always been okay for me – I have low standards when it comes to food quality. BF’s mom was a professional cook and baker so (unfortunately though) that makes for his standards to be a bit higher than mine. Continue reading

Weigh In: 08/21/16

I did my new little workout 3 times this week. I have been paying more attention to my intake and have been making a better effort with drinking my water. Let’s see if the extra push I’ve been doing has paid off….

Right in the morning, I stepped on the scale and BOOM:::: 2.8 pounds closer to my goal! That’s right! **doing a dance** I haven’t been under 260 in over 6 months. THIS FEELS AWESOME!! I’m doing it! I’m on my way!

Just thought I would share that with you all. I’ll be on tomorrow for mindset – right now I need to wrestle a toddler back into her bed so I can actually do my job.

Take care everybody, and be kind.

Weekly Round-Up

This week I excelled in several areas that get me closer to my goals:

  1. I found the real benefit of having a workout buddy
  2. I found the real benefit of working out alone
  3. I have found a workout that really works for me

What I’m hoping to find next week is the equilibrium of all three.  Continue reading